wr450f wiring indicators!?

Hi to all, i have just joined this site as iv just got myself an 03 wr450f im lovin it! :crazy: its currently got a daytime use only mot and the guy that had it before me fitted a front/tail light after.

i will be riding on the road a fair bit and id like to get it fully lit up and basically wondering if many of you out there have fitted indicator circuits etc and how hard is it to do? is it just a case of indicators some wires and a relay all wired off the lighting circuit...or off the batt? :applause: my lights at the min run off the magneto they get brighter wen i rev, i also want to fit a horn and brake light switches but not sure where to power each of them from can i overload the lighting circuit by taking too much off it? also if using LED'S can i only power these from the battery?? :busted: any help on this would be much appreciated :cool:

The headlight circuit is AC voltage on most of the WR's, I would run all the electrics you need off of the battery. It is the storage source and therefore is more stable for the purposes you are talking about. WR Dave.

Check companies like Baja Designs or ElectroSport Industries. They have complete systems for converting your Offroad bike to a Dual Sport ride. I'm fortunate in that I only needed a brake light, horn and mirror to make mine streetable in Colorado. Of course, I'm doing it to ride in the High Country and connecting the trails. If I was making a SuperMoto and riding a lot on the street, I'd have gone with a true Dual Sport kit from one of those already mentioned.


I don't know what all you need but the basic turn signal circuit is easy .. run a positive wire from your battery to the turn signal relay . then to your com terminal of the switch . then you'll have a right hot and a left hot that you run to to lghts on both sides of your bike then all yoe do id ground all the lights and your good to go

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