rear brake?

ya I have a question on a 2000 wr400 yamaha. I bought one last night on craigslist and the only thing wrong that I could see is that when you completely pull down the left hand brake nothing happens. What does that mean? I know very little about bikes, but I wanted one. Thanks

Good god man, your in deep. Thats the clutch.

That's the clutch, not the brake :cool:. First thing you need to do is go through the stickies and download a manual from the Performance Index. It's highly comprehensive and will walk you through any procedure you need. Best of luck and Welcome...SC

Holy smokes... kind of reminds me of the Cool Rider scene in Grease 2. :cool:

Take it slow and good luck learning...

Clutch, that sucks, thanks though so whats that gonna cost? and when I got it I had him ride it around and it seemed to be all good but ya he was a fast talker and it went over my head.

Is there any tension on the lever at all? If he was riding it around, then you can assume the clutch works at least somewhat. Estimating a cost for you is impossible until you can give us more info. Have you ridden the bike yet? Does it shift through all the gears? Does it feel like it slips when you give it gas? If you know anybody that has some knowledge about bikes, you need to get them to take a look at this thing and give you a heads up...SC

Okay, thanks no I didn't ride it at all yet. There is very little tension in the lever. I figured that year and size of a bike with clean/ clear title for 900 bucks was to good to be true.

I figured that year and size of a bike with clean/ clear title for 900 bucks was to good to be true.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. I will pray for you, my son :cool:...SC

I don't think your getting it. That lever is the clutch, not the rear brake. There should only be slight tension on it and it should be able to be pulled all the way until it hits the bar. So theres probably nothing wrong with it, you just had no idea what it was. You need to find someone who knows how to ride, and have them teach you in person while sitting on the bike. Do you know how to drive a stick (manually shifted) car? Its the same Idea. As you roll on the gas, you slowly (until you learn how to do it quickly without ending up on your arse) let out the clutch and the bike begins to move. The whole point of it is to transfer power from you engine to your rear wheel. Wiki it.

ya your right I crf250 I just brought it to a buddies and he messed around with it and said it was fine. Thank you all for your help though I am sure I will have more questions down the road. =)

Know this too man if you are as new as I think, although the seat is padded up more toward the rear of the bike you need to sit up closer to the front and hug the tank/fender/shrouds with your legs firmly. You should almost feel as you are sharing the seat and the pegs 50/50. My friends dad taught us using the expression crouching tiger when we were younger. This will put you more over the center point of the bike and if (and it will) the rear wheel breaks loose when you gas up, you will maintain a better balance and more control. Everything else depends on the size of your bean bag. Good luck and take this one to heart...STAY IN'll see what I mean.

I'm curious, how old are you?

Sounds like an eventual trip to the emergency room.


I would strongly suggest you take a riding course from someone like Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( It's a basic begginers course and will teach you all the basics you need to know. :crazy: It's aimed for the street rider, but all of the operation and controls are identical and will translate to the dirt. (handling is a bit different, though :busted: ) There's lots of courses being offered throughout Washington state. Riding a motorcycle is NOT like driving a car, your head MUST be engaged at all times. :applause:

Welcome to the Brotherhood. :cool:

Ride Safe, Have Fun.


In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. I will pray for you, my son :applause:...SC

Too funny.... :cool:

Holy cow the "left hand brake" that is just classic Gidds. Take it slow brother and glad to have a new member of the riding community. Just take some time to learn what everything is and you'll be tearing it up in no time.

MSF is also offering a dirt bike course now...SC

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