2007 WR450F New Owner Help

Hi All-

I must say thanks all who post and reply. You have helped me make a good informed decision: I purchased the 2007 WR450F instead of a CRF450X.

My friend rides the Honda, and it's a nice bike, but after riding them both and putting them next to one another, I chose the Yamaha due to it's build quality, looks, smoother power, and the little extras that come stock (wave rotors, big bars, and foot pegs). It sure looks nice in my garage.

I had the AIS kit installed by the dealer included in my purchase price. I won't be doing any performance mods until I get used to the power (I'm comming off of a 2005 TTR250, these are not even on the same planet).

I would like to purchase a plastic front disc cover (white or blue), also some Acerbis type hand guards with the alum bar inside. I'm not sure of the style of mounting (triple or bar). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if these are repeat questions, I tried to search but couldn't find what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help!!

Acerbis also makes a nice front disc guard called the Spider Evolution. As far as hand guard mounts go, the jury's still out on which method is best. I prefer the triple clamp, as they seem stouter and are less likely to rotate in a crash. I have Cycra ProBends that have a replaceable plastic handguard that bolts to the aluminum rail. The choice is yours, but either way is good...SC

Thanks for the response clark4131.

The spider is not available for the WR's at this point, it shows part numbers for the yz's only. Anyone else know different?

Does anyone have pics of handguards on the 2007 WR450?

Thanks again for you help.

The Acerbis guard is the same for all Yamahas from 2002 on. There website lists the same mount kit for everything, p/n 18208000. I'd say it's a safe bet to order it. Double check the '06 YZF450 spacer with the '07 WR's in the Yamaha parts fiche. What's the worst that can happen? The whole thing only costs about $40 and you can send it back if it doesn't work out, but I'll bet it'll be fine...SC

two50 welcome toTT. I have Cycra Pro bends on my 07 WR and are very pleased with them. When I bought them they came with the mounts for the handle bars but have changed them to the triple clamp mount, which frees up more space on the bars.

Thanks Clark4131. I'll check into that.

Thanks WRC. What did you do with the bar pad? Does it fit with some trimming?

Anyone have some product hints for removing the sticker residue left on the plastics and swingarm after removal of those hideous dealer advertising stickers? I tried Goo Gone and Krud Cutter, they both worked okay on the plastic with a lot of rubbing, but I don't want to polish my swing arm.

Thanks for your help.

Any kind of citrus based cleaner will work well. Goof Off also works. Whatever you use, just spray it into a paper towel and let it sit on the adhesive for a while. It'll eat its way through and make life much easier...SC

Second SC on the the Cycras - they are the best. I gave up on the Acerbis.

The Acerbis Spider Disc Guard is available for the 07 WR. Here are a couple of pics of them mounted on my 07:




Thanks SC. I'll try the paper towel trick.

Thanks SXP. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Looks real nice and protected. You mentioned you 2nd the CYCRA hand guards. Do you have them installed on your 07 WR? If so, I would love to see a picture if you get a chance. Did you alter your bar pad?

Thanks for your help guys.

Fastway Handguards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You mentioned you 2nd the CYCRA hand guards. Do you have them installed on your 07 WR? If so, I would love to see a picture if you get a chance. Did you alter your bar pad?

I ditched the bar pad. Here are a couple of pics I had taken for some other reason, but you should get the picture.






two50, Iam not using the bar pad, but I dont think the mounts would be in the way.

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