KYB Fork recommendation/troubles

I had a leak in my front fork seal after no real abuse. So I decided to take a feeler guage and run around the seal. Turns out that cured the fork but I don't know how much oil I lost.

I have assumed that these forks must be broken down to check levels/refill etc. I have never done this before but there not much more to it that turning some wrenches and breaking some seals. So I am gonna look at the exploded view and get to it.

Q1= Does anyone heve any advise on common mistakes they made in the past?

Q2= Does anybody know if my assumption is correct?

You don't have to break any seals to check the oil level, but you should remove the forks from the bike to do it properly. Motion Pro has a very handy tool with a gauge and syringe to get the level set where you want it. One tip...Loosen the upper triple clamp, then loosen the fork cap, but don't remove it. Then loosen the lower clamp and remove the whole fork.

Also, make sure you put something under the rear wheel before you remove the front end. The first time I did it, I almost dumped the bike off the stand when the weight distribution changed :cool:. It's the little things that count...SC

It's the little things that count...SC


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