yz426 bogging & popping under initial acceleration

Hey all.

I am 45, have been into bikes since I was 11, so i know a thing or two. . .

I am working on an almost brand new YZ426. It was my friends, who passed away on a BMX track here in So. Cal. a couple of years ago, and I am giving it a quick once over, before his widow sells it.

It starts right up, following the standard 426 starting procedure.

I let it get nice & warm (man these run hot huh?)

take the choke off

and rev it up. . . and it boggs under initial accel.

I rode it down the street, and if I let it come up to revs slowly, its ok, but if I romp on it. . . BWAAAHHH POP POP!

any thoughts?

Personally I ride a CR500. . . so 4 strokes are not my thing.

Long live Service Honda!



HEY ALL. . .


I read up on the "BK MOD". . . THANK YOU for who ever put that out there!


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