Odometer/sensor removal??

Anyone out there have a good solution to the removal of the odometer sensor/wheel spacer on the front wheel of a 2007 wr450?? In my effort to make this bike lighter for racing, I am trying to remove anything extra. I talked to the dealer and the folks at Zipty racing, and they both said that nothing is currently manufactured, and that I would have to manufacture the piece myself!

Zipty recommended that I just find a used YZ front wheel on ebay, but I'd rather not spend the money.


Flatland Racing Odo drive eliminator/spacer



And for a cleaner look I replaced the right fork protector with an 07 YZ protector.


Thanks SXP!

Hey, what kind of skid plate is that on your bike??

I too have the same eliminator, but nice touch with the yz fork protector....

You can also get a YZ spacer and seal instead.

You can also get a YZ spacer and seal instead.

Thats what I've been doing and your OK for a while if you have sealed bearings but the WR hub does not have enough of a "shoulder" to hold the seal well.

My advice on the newer WR's is to go with the flatland eliminator.

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