over heating!!!!!!!!!

This is my first post in a long time because i just havent had any problems untill now. My 03 yz450 has started overheating when i am in tight slow trails. This has not been a problem in the past could my waterpump be going or is there something else i could try?

The water pump doesn't generally become less effective with time unless the impeller looses a considerable amount of material to corrosion, in which case you can expect other much larger problems.

Since you don't have a temperature gauge, you don't really know if you are overheating or not, but I'll assume that you do see coolant coming out the overflow. The there is a fairly long list of things that can cause this. More or less in order of likelihood, they are:

  • The coolant level is too high in the first place
  • The coolant level is too low, causing the bike to run hot
  • A weak radiator cap
  • Old "tired" coolant, or coolant with too much water and not enough coolant in it
  • A radiator that is coated with scale (doesn't transfer heat well)
  • A radiator that is partially clogged
  • A leaking head gasket

or too much coolant, not enough water

Has the carb slide been out lately? If it has the back plate could of been put back in upside down making it run leaner and hotter.

But again..you would of really noticed how it was running.

rejet pilot 48.. install zip ty fuel screw..

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