New 08 won't start HELP!!!!!!

These things are just like a 70's Chevy V-8. When jetted right and its cold, the couple twists of the throttle (pump the pettle) to get a richer mixture when cold is the way to go. The people that are starting a bike cold and are needing the hot start may want to take a peek at the jetting on their bike.

Just got my new 08 YZ450 and picked my son a KLX110 while we there. Yes it is true I paid $5133 out the door for my new 08 so there are 5 left. Once I got it home I can't get it started. Turned the fuel on pulled the choke out and kicked it about 20 times. It tried to fire a couple times but nothing after that. Any suggestions besides pulling the plug? I can't imagine it fould a plug this quick. Also I know you had to find top dead center when 4 strokes first arrived but is that still necessary when kicking it over now or just kick away?

Nice, for the price I paid, you could have bought 2 new YZ's :applause: After uncrating and getting it all setup, it was time to start. Fresh gas and 10 kicks later, nothing. Not cold here (a fairly constant 86 odd degrees) so got a little nervous. A slow constant kick through the stroke after pulling in the hotstart at the same time sorted matters. A big relief to hear it fire up. Ran for a bit, shut her down and restarted just fine. I guess (much like my WR, or my YZ426) you soon get tuned to exactly what works best.

It's not likely to kick back very hard if you start in neutral, because timing is retarded more than usual. Starting in gear is another matter.

My '03 generally preferred to be cracked just open off idle when cold starting, and I frequently would (and do) use up to a quarter throttle to clear floods.

But, there was one day when I was starting the bike at one of those odd intermediate temps between a cold engine and one that is fully warmed up, and starting it in gear, also, when it kicked back. Now, over the years, I have been kicked back by just about every kind of big and small motorcycle that you can imagine, including several that I'm sure most of you have never heard of. In all that time, nothing ever hit as hard as that YZ450 did. It was more like being shot in the foot than being kicked back, and it nearly broke my foot, right through my A-stars. I don't start the bike in gear anymore if I can help it.

What are these bikes you've ridden that we've never heard of.

I'm intrigued :applause:

Where Did You Get An 08 For 5133???? Please Tell. Thanks

What are these bikes you've ridden that we've never heard of.

I'm intrigued :applause:

Note that I said "most of you". Hailing as you do from Great Britain, you have a better chance of having heard of things like a Velocette Thruxton, a Norton 19S, a Matchless Typhoon, or a BSA "Alloy Clipper".

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