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Splitting cases and removing seals, pics

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Today I split the cases on my ebay motor and took pics. You will see the good and the bad.

Started by removing the FWW


Then the Flywheel


The Flywheel side stripped


The clutch


Removeing the clutch with a holder and socket


Or removeing the clutch with a impack wrench


Clutch side stripped


My balance puller and my bolts, 3/8 bolts drilled and tapped to 6mm to screw into the stator holes


The cases starting to split. Tap the trans side to keep it moveing together


The cases split, the main bearing stayed on the crank


Pressing out the seal


Removeing the shift fork rods


Removed the forks and drum


Remove the trans both shafts together and lay them down


Pressing out the crank

Now we see the trouble with this motor. A failed main bearing.


I then went to the press and pressed out the seal and bearing

There you have it I am not sure when I will put it together but when I do I will try to take pics and post them. I'm not sure if I have a 94-98 1'st gear right now but I think I do but I didn't find it today but as you can see I have a mess,LOL. Hope this helps somebody. Ed

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KDXGarage it is just 1 ton a 2 ton would maybe be better but I also have a 12 ton hydrolic one and where I work we have a 100 ton for anything I need to break.

FPMXer I didn't win the cylinder someone got it for $38,77 so I only saw the ebay pics. I have a few cylinders reasy to use anyway. The missing balls are on the floor but all of the cage is not accounted for so the cylinder may not have been in good shape.


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Yeah wow, that takes some of the mystery out. Been looking for something like this for a year. So has alot of others too I bet. Really, thanks alot! :cool:

I look forward to seeing it go back together.

One question, are the crank seals hand pressed in hand pressed out then?

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ebeck the seals are pressed in with the press but they go in easy but the bearings are pressed into the cases and they go in much harded. On the seal that the bearing stayed in the case you push the seal into the bearing and push both out together and that takes all the force that press makes. So to do this you do need a press. One at Checker or PepBoys that uses a hydrolic jack for about a $100 works fine. This arbor press at Harborfreight was $100 also. Thet come in handy for linkage work too.

KDXGarage you are welcome.


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Karl, KDXGarage,E,J and others that may care the arbor press that Karl put the link to is smaller than the one I am using. The one I am using measures 7"-16" at the base and 17" high. I would not want one smaller, that said that smaller one would have uses and maybe even do motors if you could fit it in there. Ideally one just a little bigger would be nice.


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