Jetting basline needed ........... Taffy?

I need a place to start with jetting on my bike.

Bike is 2000 WR400 US model

No mods except 13t c/shaft sprocket

Alt. less than 1000ft

Probably going to do BK & Grey Wire when I start jetting.

I can't afford, at this time, to buy a bunch of different jets etc that I wont use so if anyone has a good baseline for a stone stock WR I'd greatly appreciate it.


baseline jetting for what though sledge?

is it to keep the standard exhaust or to go YZ timing? just to improve standard jetting?


Improve stock jetting, my wife isn't working at the moment so the only money I intend to spend is on jetting, will probably do grey wire and BK mod but nothing else for a while.

I'm generally pleased with the bike but I know the jetting could be a lot better than it is, even in stock form.



i don't know much about the standard pipe and all that. you need a DRM needle with WR timing and also the PJ at 35 and the PAJ should be a 50.


DRM needle

35 PJ

50 PAJ

do the grey wire, BK mod, airbox lid off etc.

i'm HOPING this works for you.


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