hey people,

I have been having trouble starting up my BRP. My brother says it might need some revalving. How would I go abouts doing so without having to send it in to a motorcycle shop. Any help is appreciated.


When people talk about re-valving there talking about re-valving the suspencion. If you think the starting problem is bad valves you might want to check the valve clearence's first. It's easy to do, you can do a search for the spec's. Now if your valves are bad then you'll need to at least take the head to a shop. After you adjust the valves you can do a compression test and that will tell you if your valves are bad. As long as the gas tank is off you might as well change the spark plug, that too will cause starting problems. Hope this helps


Perhpas he meant rejetting, which is the process of tuning your carburetor's air/fuel ratio to match your bikes physical (pipe, cam, etc) and environmental (barometric pressure, temperature, humidity) needs.

Lets hope that is what he ment.


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