Xr650R Advice Just bought 2 days ago

I Just Bought A 650R Can Anyone Give Me some pointers what to expect I have ridden it 2 times so far Oh my lord what power she has suppose to have something called hrc kit and some susp work a am very novice rider I think i messed up Is It worth Learning how to control or should i sell for something smaller?:cool: I am 6'1 185 I ride a variety of desert terrain soft sand rocky open tight pretty much everything the desert has to offer i am used to ridding a rm250 any advice would be greatly appreciated

Twist that bit on the right handlebar and hang on dude.

Welcome to the pleasure dome.

2nd that! It's a perfect cycle for your area and size. Learn how to get the most out of it and ENJOY!!!


...I think i messed up...

LOL, I LOVE that feeling. It's what makes the XRR the XRR!

give it some time. Does the jetting feel ok? The bikes are very tame when you have some time on them. Remember to stay on the gas some when you turn. If you let off to soon the bike wants to go straight. Have you set the sag yet? If it's set up right it should be very easy to ride.

I have only ridden 3 times waiting for my friend to show me how to adjust to my needs cause he has same bike but his is only uncorked but he rides very good all his life so i hope i can learn some first hand stuff from him The turning yesterday i learned the hard way that i had to keep my feet up and goose it but i will learn and soon be very happy I love the power All around too just twist front comes up it is wild i rode along some tracks on a dirt road 5 gear is very scary for me but so addicting at the same time I am In Love OH yeah my wife is pissed ha ha Thank You All For Your Help

5 gear is very scary for me but so addicting

LMAO- right on! 100mph, on dirt, baby!

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