front disc over heating

hey i have a 07 wr450 and my front disc over heats easy my old yzf never did few of my mates withthe same bike have this problem, they glaz up and scweak

Sounds like to me the brake is dragging. Is there free play at the hand lever (A little wiggle room)?

nah there is no draging at all just real hard braking my old yamaha never did it no matter how hard i was on the brakes

I would remove your brake pads and check the brake pad pins. The brake pad pin may have groves causing the pads to stick. If it does, replace the pin. I would also check your brake caliper piston, does the pistion move in and out without binding? Lastly, check out your rotor it maybe slightly bent, check the front wheel does it spin freely?

every thing works fine wheel spins free wen brake is released

my 426 does the same thing but it is a heavy pig so some heat is to be expected. you might want to try a different pad compound that is probably the cheapest place to start.

Is your bike dual sported, ie, do you ride on road? Or does your riding take you on high speed hard pack? If so, it may just be you are using the brakes harder than they were designed for, ie, more like a street bike, more severe instances of braking. Most MX riding and tight trails, brakes are barely used compared to the work they are subjected to in the forementioned.

start off with the really cheap test ,

completely change all the fluid with new fluid from a sealed container . shouldn't cost more then 5$

you may ask how can it be the fluid , but trust me it can .

if that don't work then look into a wave rotor , if its used on the street then you need a different set up . my street bike weighs slightly more than my wr and it has two rotors bigger than my wr's single one

my wr is an 07 it comes with wave rotars from stock, i dont road ride i do trail riding with huge hills with alot of hard braking

Well, the huge hills may be the cause. The WR brake is not designed to hold a lot of heat.

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