Show your xr600 in action.

Hello from finland and sorry my bad english, but i try my best.

So i planning to bought xr600r and i want to see some cool riding photos to help make my decicion. I have been looking some cool photos about xr600r in action, but i haven´t found it in here. If you don´t understand what i mean just put here your coolest xr600r riding pictures:ride:

I don't have any pictures of my xr600r in action quite yet, but I think this thread is going to be a favorite of mine in a few weeks.

hopefully I can get some pictures within the next month, I haven't ever taken mine out since I got it a few months ago. I need to ride!:cool:

let's see those xr600r pics in action guys! :applause::busted::crazy:

Only one 600r, the rest 650l's

Sorry, looks like my buddy got in there on his DR(the first pic!)





i can't wait to be able to contribute to this thread. i've only taken my bike out 3 times since i got it:crazy: next weekend i'll have some pics:thumbsup:



my friends got a few picture of me on my 600 in snow on the track and trail



I know riding a XR is exciting, but dude, you do not have to show us you shitting your pants having fun!:applause:

my friends got a few picture of me on my 600 in snow on the track and trail

And these would be them....




This preety much sums it up;

This preety much sums it up;

that is cool, looks like a blast!!

This preety much sums it up;

That you? Thats some impressive riding!:cool:

A stoppie even!!

Down the stairs was one thing, but up the stairs?:busted:



Nice white pants/mud bog action! That gives me an idea, I should steal Tyvek suits from work for that kind of stuff.

Very Nice!

it's gonna be a fun thread...

although i've moved on to the big brudder,still love to see the XR600R..

not mine,me helping a friend's XR600R out of the mess..


a little help at hand.




my friend in action


here's something of my own.


Here's mine, hard at work during the last race!


This preety much sums it up;

I like this thread, and I loved that youtube video. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

I've got a few action shots of a '99 XR600R that belongs to a friend of mine. I'll post them as soon as I can get them uploaded to the web. I've got a '97, but nobody has taken a picture of me riding it yet!! :smirk: I'll have to get that problem fixed and post something here, too.

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