XR600R tank on XR650L

I have a XR650L 2001, I want to know if a XR600R tank fit on my bike.


No, a 600 tank will not fit. I have 2- 650l tanks I can sell that will fit . One is red, IMS (new) other is white...used a little. The 650 uses the side-post style, the 600 does not.

I sold my Acerbis XR600 5 gal tank to a guy who said he was going to mount it on a 650L. Someone told him it is possible but takes two dudes to put it on.

He post alot of stuff on hondaXR.com forums and goes by the name havespine. If your interested I could pass you his e-mail via PM.

Thanks guys for your reply. Now I look for IMS 4gal.

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