Is the XR650R a good trail bike?

This is how my 650R does on trails...

... and I'm pretty new at riding offroad, only had my 650R for about a year, been on road bikes for about 20 years. So I think it's ok.

The XR is big and prefers open trails, but let's not forget, it's made for dirt.

I riade with a budyy on a KTM950, much heavier and less dirt-capable than the XR, and he makes me look stupid he's so fast in the dirt.

I Love Mine But Its A Better Desert Bike Then A Trail Bike But It Will Do A Dual Sport Or Supermoto Tough To Beat.reliable And Umpteen Power Just A Little Hard To Start Blew It Not Continuing Production As I've Had My Last New Generation Honda,to Much Work So I Switched To Yamaha's Except For My Brp.

Took mine to the scales, a full 3.2 gallon tank and 16 lbs. of air in the tires weighs out at 320 lbs. :cool:

Well, there's your problem: if you go down to 10 pounds in each tire, that's only 308 pounds. :applause:

thanks for the info. would this bik do horrible if i did the occassional hare scramble. i aso have the opportunity to get a 2005 crf450x street legal with full marchesini supermoto setup and all the stock dirt stuff bike is perfect for $6000 but i know that it would suck for the fact that on the street it will be awesome but i would be limited to very short trips and maintenence sucks too.

Sounds to me like you need 2 different bikes.

I have a 2005 450X and it sux for the street. 60mph is beating the Ti valves to death at 7000 rpm with stock gearing. With 15T and 48T it'll do 70 at 6000 rpm. Still, the engine is fragile for this type of riding. It can be a handful in the woods, no desert where I am. Lots of power...sometimes too snappy. I'm taming it with a Steahly flywheel weight this weekend. It's a very happy bike in the desert from what the D38 racers in San Diego tell me. Maintenence is high. What it takes to keep it running like a champ tho.

There is 1 guy on the 450X board that runs his on the street full time with some pretty nice SM wheels. I think he's running a 16T and 45T. He doesn't come around much.

Nothing wrong with the XR650R at all. Less maintenence intensive for sure and better suited for street use. But as others have said, it is heavy for the trails, depending on your definition of a trail. But hey, I rode tight woods on a 375 lb '85 XL600R, so 320 lbs fully fueled would have sounded great to me then.

The XR sounds like a mighty fine bike for $4k.

The XR650R is a great trailbike, if you are a strong, finnese rider. If you are a hacker, or an ex-125 racer, you will hate it. The trick is to get the motor running really clean and snappy, with the proper jetting/pipe/airbox mods.

Then, the power will be so immediate off idle, that the weight will not be so noticable. I ride a nasty, 1st gear for 8 miles trail near my house, and I would use nothing else: best combination of grunt, agility (better than my 450x in the slow) and comfort. But it is a beast to move if it drops!

Man you guys are getting me pretty excited about that xr. I think i might go that route. Heck if it I really get into the tight trail thing I guess I could just go buy a few year old 2 stroke 250 for fairly cheap. Thanks again for all the help.

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