Need side panels asap for an XR650L.

So I am mounting up the Dirt-Bagz on my big pig getting ready for a month long trip down to the tip of Baja, and realized that because I "customized" (shortened) my side panels the right bag will lay on the muffler and the left will flop into the tire - not so good. So I am scouring the web looking for side panels, and am calling on the wonderful TT community first.

I would post this in classifieds, but I am short on time (leaving on Monday the 4th) and don't have time for Ebay either if I can help it.

Thanks for any help:applause:

I have a brand new pair (white Aceribis) still in the bag. I also have a used set (white Aceribis) with some scratches). Send a PM if interested.

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