Loss of power 2007 kx250f

I just changed my oil, and after the first ride i realized it was a tad to low. So i just poured some more in without measuring it, so then the next ride "today" it ran like shit, and i realized there was way to much oil, so i drained some out till the level was in the middle of the view window. So then the next practice i go out and it still runs crapy??? When i say crappy i mean it doesnt have all the power there that it usualy has, i was coming up short on jumps i can clear no problem usualy. Has anyone ever heard of this, it might have nothing to even do with the oil???

bad batch of gas? dirty carb/air filter/fuel filter? uhh what else is there, top end worst case?

yeah too much oil usually will fix it's self, like blow it out all over your bike. but unless you filled it up all the way it would be hard to make it loose that much performance? probably something else

ya, the oil level won't make your bike slow, maybe you got some dirt in your airbox when you changed your air filter and it clogged your main jet. I would clean out your carb first and see if that fix's it.

sounds like the same thing that happend to me. I cleaned out my jets and it ran perfect.

it turned out that im just an idiot! The problem was that my grips were extremely loose, so when i got on the the throttle it was slipping, and i thought i was loosing power. Ya, i know im stupid.

be carefull! if your grip slides off your bars, you could wreck really really bad... I've seen it happen in mud conditions. Thats why some people use safety wire on their grips.

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