putting carburettor back in 98 yz400f

im trying to put my carb back in which could be a hard task. with all the small hoses and things i cannot fit it right back in. so i thought i pull off the top bolt on the rear spring so i could fit carb back in after pulling of rear sub-frame, but then i noticed that exhuast was in the way wen trying to get spring off. Then i tried pulling off exhaust and it was stuck on just cant do it by myself. So, does any one know of any way to get carburettor in easier? without having to take off everything or is that what i have to do... please any help greatly appreciated.

i just loosen the hot start valve, after that pull the air boot back by hand and you should have plenty of room. helps to have the tank off as well.

ok... ya i have tank off because i pulled rear sub-frame up to get to rear shock but i will re-hook up shcok and just pull hot start and see if that works. thx

Yep, pull hot start off, single 8mm bolt, carb will slide right in. good luck

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