header bolt... any problems?

ive have been noticing popping on deceleration like in my past thread and though it was the carb. but when taking my bike apart today i noticed im missing a header bolt... will this make popping on deceleration happen or rough idle? its missing one of the 2 main bolts on header flange to motor.... any help greatly appreciated.

it could possibly aid in the popping, but if the nut is till on and has pressure on that flange holding the header into the head i doubt its really affecting it. popping on deceleration and erratic idle is usually your pilot circuit, i.e. pilot jet and screw.

the bolt popped out of mine during a race and it made a big difference,all of a sudden it started popping on decel and i couldn't figure out why;it ran worse too. i figured it out when i washed my bike the next day. i chalked it up to tightening the header last after the complete system was loose fitted,next time i'll start in front...dee de dee:bonk:

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