White Brothers

White Brothers is indeed out of business. The end of an ERA:cry: It was bound to happen since neither of the "White Bros" has had anything to do with that business in many years. Good news for all you guys running WB pipes, Vance and Hines will now be making the white bros pipes. They bought all the tooling and dies.

Your falling behind todds924, here ya go.....http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=597330 :cool:

642, Yeah i might be slippin a little. I heard it from my boss who used to do all of White Bros suspension work back in the day "The late 80's and early 90's. It all started to come unraveled when the brothers had a disagreement amongst themselves over some family matters. That led to one brother buying out the other and he held on to the company for 6 years or so before selling it off entirely.

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