Anyone running the XR's Only race team full exhaust?

Anyone? How large of header tube diameter is it? Is it a quality part, power? sound? fit? thanks..

Anyone? How large of header tube diameter is it? Is it a quality part, power? sound? fit? thanks..

Damn good question. I've been thinking about getting some myself.

The stock diameter tubing is 1 inch OD. If XRsonly's headers are oversized, they could be 1.125 OD, maybe even 1.250(umm...highly unlikely...)

I just received 2 pairs from another manufacturer (I'm not ready to slam just yet...) and not only did both of them LEAK as soon as I pulled them out of the box, they both look like crap!!! They were MIG welded and although I am a welder by trade(20+ years) and have had plenty of experience welding thin gauge stainless AND can forgive the ugliness that MIG Stainless is known for...gosh... these headers were just VERY poorly manufactured overall. Big sluggy welds for one, scratches all over the place for another. Plus they were not totally Stainless. Whatever they used for the flanges was either mild steel or Magnetic Stainless(will rust).

I proposed to the said manufacturer instead of the usual RMA to just send me the pre-bent and pre-formed components for 2 pairs of headers so I can TIG weld them myself. If they do not go for that, then I will just send them back AND I will slam them THEN.

I wonder if XRsonly headers look as good as they do in the picture.

They look like they were TIG welded for one thing. Looks like both the Right and Left pipes are "sectioned". I personally don't like that. I'd rather have the pipes all in one piece before getting to the collector. Reason being is because of the weld burn-through creating lumps inside the tubing and disrupting the flow which thin gauge S/S does. Stainless Steel has to be welded VERY fast to keep the burn through down to a minimum. Plus, purge welding is often used when making many types of "flow tubes" (for air,water,fuels,steam,etc...) where there cannot be any restriction or leaks. Basically, purge welding is really cool. The inside of the joint is smoothe as glass. It would be really nice if XRsonly did that with those headers. I doubt they did, not at that price.

Yeah I know...TMI:blah: ...I'll shut up now:thumbsup:

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