supermoto uk

alright, trying to get a good price on some moto wheels in the uk hubs spokes black rims, spacers and bearings, best quote so far is 645 from selby.

anyone know of any cheaper, let me know.

how about used out of TBM?


Check out Supermoto mag.

Or PM me - a brand new pair of talon & excel for £550 plus carriage

Of course then you need the tyres, tubes, sprockets & chain, big front brake, caliper, master cylinder...........


Hey Andy

Talking to someone today - he has seen a set of WR supermoto wheels at RPM in Dinnington, South Yorks (they advertise in TMX etc)

Complete with tyres, big disc, bracket, sprocket for £850 ish.

Look them up and give them a call.

Ask for Rob, tell him Kevin Parker told you via the internet - he will give you a discount!!


Andy, try Central wheels paid £680 inc. delivery for wheels with tyres for WR. That was the Ally Pally show price in Jan. But they matched that last week for a mate of mine. For discs you could try

Black rims +£10 / wheel.

Cheers Shane.

[ April 16, 2002: Message edited by: shane45 ]

if anyones running supermoto wheels and would like to sell there 18inch rear,,,id be interested

[after riding 40miles cross country through wales on a flat :) ]

thanks for your input shane, you dont have the number for central wheels do you?? andy..

Found these wheels on the net, for a 2001 wr400 model £550 including tyres, discs, sproket, email adress, from Lancashire. Got the details from the in the forum section.

Hope this helps

Nige :)

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