RM250 pipe on a RM125

Could a RM 250 pipe fit on a RM 125? If it did what would happen? Wouldn't it get more power on the bottom end but lose that top end scream, or would it kinda be like running a real fat pipe from FMF or Pro Circuit?

The base of the head pipe wouldn't fit ...it's a few inches too wide I believe .

Don't quote me on that but 99% sure you would have sizing issues with doing so.

Gains would be low in comparison to if you were to do it. I'd stick with 125 specs when it comes to your bikes exhaust. It's hard enough fitting the pipe made for that year RM as is..lmao

i want to get a 96-07 RM 125 pipe and shorty silencer and make the dang things fit on my bike. Are the base holes the same on every year?

You'd have to measure to be sure, but I suspect the diameter of the 250's exhaust port is larger than that on the 125. If that's the case you would have to neck down the pipe to fit. You may also have to wrangle with the mounts to make them line up. Too much like work, IMO.

Ya I'm going to try to pick up a 125 pipe for cheap. Let me know if you've got one '96-07.

fellow cowboy...


Ya Ya

Roost -

I have an extra headpipe just taking up space I'll throw you man . It's either JT or PPI . Alpo,Spike and a few others were trying to figure it what pipe it is to no avail. It's in good shape though( Got a FMF gold series used off ebay-which I might even say forget it and just buy a brand new PC all the way around ).

It's for a 1991 , but hopefully it would fit your 1994. I'd look into that and get back to me if you want it. :busted:

I really appreciate it, but I need a '96 and up. Does anyone know if the diameter of these pipes will go into the hole on my '94 case?

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