1987 xr600 stator help

im rewraping my stator and was wondering if any one had any better pics of how to start the rewraping prossess?

iv searched the threads and didnt find what i was looking for.

a lil help would be great.


thanks ToXicD those help alot! ill let you know how it works out.

thoses helped but what i need is the starting point. when i pulled a part it was so cracked and burnt up that i have no idea where to start at. i have wraped a light stator for a xr50, is it the same starting point? or dose it need to attach to something else?


I don't know where you start..What I will say is all those guides are inadequate in their information and diagrams.To expect anyone to be able to follow them is dreaming.Someone needs to do a proper one..Video would be best..or a set of black and white schematics showing every step. 1,Start here by twisting the wire around this pole,2,,,Then here moving in an anti-clockwise direction 3,,then back here,4,,,,like this 5,,,yada 6,,,yada,7,,yada and so on.

ya that would help a lot. so whos going to do it lol! any takers? im kjg15 brother and will be helping him wrap it, so if any on can give any pointers that would be great

bump, we need to get this thing going



I'm looking into it but it may take a while.(My Gimp skills are somewhat limited)What I 'd recommend is to look at Fig 3 in the 4th url posted..(the offroad one)My grasp on that is start at the bottom by wrapping the wire a couple of times round the pole closest to the large main body of wires leaving a decent size piece of wire sticking out the end. Then as you will see he heads off through the other poles in a criss cross pattern to the top,,you can make out the wire if you look closely.Once you get up to the top ignition poles/pole..(bit unsure there as the ignition on mine is single pole)..anyway..(fat grey thing covered in epoxy)you start wrapping around the first vacant pole in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction..you wrap that pole to the desired amount of turns then move to the next pole down but wrap in the opposite direction to your first pole..Carry on down to the bottom doing the same all the way..clock anti clock for each pole....The connection side at the bottom I'm still unsure of...Detail in all the diagrams in all the Urls posted is lacking on this topic..Ie..You have two ends..Which end goes to what or do they both connect to a yellow wire or a yellow and white..get the picture.On the stator you have red/black wire(ignition) Pink(unsure) Yellow and Yellow/white.ideas on what pink,, yellow,, yellow/white..connect to is needed.Have a manual but thats my bit for now.

Its quite a complex topic really because you need to know the resistance values to measure one you have finished doing you're wrapping..You need to know how many turns to do on each pole to achieve the correct values.This depends on grade of wire used.I have been gathering the info courtesy of some stuff I found from this forum that was posted by a guy called "Snaggle"..He seems like the man for this sort of info.Also if you were doing the ignition pole/poles the wire is hair thin and requires I would say thousands of turns to get the right result...A difficult operation with thin wire but something I'd love to know.,,I'd also like to know that for each different circuit whether it matters whether the wrapping from the other circuits need to follow the same pattern as your new wrap..ie if the ignition was wrapped counter clockwise then does the lighting circuit also have to be wrapped counterclockwise on the first pole you begin at or does it not matter with the different circuits.Suppose it shouldn't really as you're doing a clock/counterC with the new..God knows.. Questions Questions..

What are you trying to rewind? The lighting coil, the ignition coil, or both?

If you can post a photo of what the issue is. I can't quite tell what you are looking for from your questions.

the ignition coil is what were trying to do. the light coil worked fine for now the bike had barely a spark and would have to be bumped to start and run for a bit till it warmed up and then it wouldnt run at all itll cooled all the way back down. i could post a pic if you want me to.


Go to this site and read the entire thing. It's the best write up I know of. If you still have a specific question ask it after reading.

That's about exactly what my bike did. Rewinding fixed mine.

im sorry but i didnt see the link, if you could get that to us that would be great. thanks for the help tho.

not a prob ive done that a few time lol

ok just wanted to update everyone, the stator worked like a champ. i put it in and kicked it over and bam huge blue spark, i think i need to clean the carbs it sputters and stuff when you roll on the gas hard.

so if any of you thinking of about rewraping the stator do it helps alot and is easy once you get all the stuff.

thanks for all the help.


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