replaceing cams

finished changing the valve shims and i noticed a problem with the exhaust cam. no matter what i did, with the cam chain back on, the intake cam dot would be flush, but the exhaust cam dot would be one tooth under the top of the case or one tooth below. i tried running it both ways, so far all i've noticed is one makes the exhaust quieter and the other one makes the exhaust sound like a demon. 2003 wr450


Do you have the timing mark on the the crankshaft in its correct position. It's a letter ( I ) on a 426 and it lines up with a notch in the cover. This mark is located behind the small inspection hole. I'm hoping the 450 is the same as my 426. It's just no one else has replied yet. The cam chain can't change it's length, meaning the timing mark isn't lined up. Making the inlet cam the one out of alignment. Hope I'm on the right track

tx, i'll give her a shot

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