Dampers - Summary

Hey guys - just read about 400 posts on a couple of different forums, trying to get some straight info.

There are a couple of options I have come across:

- WER - front mounted - one way damping - can't adjust on the fly - $649 (web site?)

- MSC - bar mounted - adjust on the fly - damps both ways -$725 (australian) (mscproducts@iprimus.com.au)

- GPR - bar mounted - damps one way (newer ones only) - 6 static adjustment points - price? (www.gpr-products.com/bike_kits.htm)

- Scotts / Ohlins (are they the same?) - bar mounted - 40 adjustment positions - about $700- $800?(www.scottsperformance.com/indexmain.html)

Anyone got anything to add to this?

Any experiance with damping both ways? Arm pump?

Any experiance fitting on the front (saw a picture of someones WR with a Scotts on the front somewhere on ThumperTalk)?

Thanks all.


Just got back from riding. My Wr has a Scotts damper I never get arm pump. I ride very relaxed with the damper saving my butt from time to time. Got to ride my buddies brand spankin new WR 426 today. Strange thing was I started getting a small amount of arm pump when on the 426. Switched back to my 400 and it went away. Odd thing was the new owner had the same effect with his arm pump going away when riding my bike.It was the first time out for the 426. It now has 49 miles and a bunch of scratches. Doesn't look new anymore. The last thing he said on the way out was " I've got to get me one of those dampers". We road in a very rocky area. I just point and gas it. The non dampened 426 was deflecting off the rocks.

I don't baby my bike. Like to ride fast. My Scotts damper lets me do just that but without the pain of thumping the ground with my body. That's always a good thing.


I bought a Scotts but I'm sure they are all good. It has saved me at least twice from losing it at speed. Had the bars almost :) ripped from my hands. That would have been bad! Hate to think what would have happened without it.

Tried my buddies new wr and didn't like the feel of not having a stabilizer. I guess I am addicted. :D


I went through this whole process when I got my bike in January...

The Scotts is the same as the Ohlins...

The MSC is functionally similar to the Ohlins, and is Australian made...

Can't speak for the WER or the GPR, SOme people like them and perhaps they haven't bothered to find something better... like some people ride a XR600 and think they are great bikes... it is what you know, what you have experienced...

A good damper IS going to save your butt, low-speed ruts and rocks, or high-speed headshake...

You will have a more relaxed grip on the bike, and that in itself will diminish the arm-pump, and you will not be fighting and wrestling the bike, so that will help as well...

You will be more confident and ride faster with a damper, and one with both high and low-speed settings will be more adjustable - the scotts/Ohlins is one example of that, I think the MSC has dual circuits as well...

The problem I found with the Ohlins is that they can only supply a weld on tower, the distributor (or my dealer) couldn't get a bolt on kit... weld on is fine, but bolt-on is what I wanted

BTW, the MSC will NOT fit on the Scotts Hardware or triple clamps, I asked... and yes, Scotts are trialling a front mount for their damper, but it looks cumbersome to me... OK for a YZ, but not so easy for a WR with headlight and stuff

Good luck...



I understand the benefits and am finally pulling my finger out as I have a busted arm which is recovering pretty slowly.

Does the Scotts adjust both ways - ie can you go from 1 straight to 40 or do you have to go all the way through - ie 1,2,3,...39,40?

I have stock triple clamp etc. My biggest issue with the MSC is the fact that according to the maker it damps both ways (more suited to a road bike). Don't know about high and low speed.

I reckon the GPR is basically a copy of the Scotts/Ohlins but it only has 6 settings (goes straight from 1-6).

I have seen the WER on a mates CR500, seems ok but an issue on the WR with the light etc. Adjsuting is a bit fiddly.

I was up Bundy way a year or so ago, sweet area, didn't have a bike with me but had a good look around - went and visited the Bear (can't take the coutnry out of the boy). Also went to Rocky (the Great Western Hotel - Rodeo ring in the beer garden - cool). Bet the riding is cool. :)

I have a Scott's & I couldnt ride w/o one I tore my rotator cuff 2 yrs ago. The nice thing about the Scotts is it has both high speed & low speed dampening. Also you can set the range where it works, i.e stop 2 stop, center 15 degrees, 30 etc. I adjust mine on the fly for sand washes with rocks just adj the dial 2-3 clicks, & if doesnt affect the high speed settings.

Do you have a currrent url or link to the msc damper?

I would like to see it and can't make your link work...

I run a GPR, wouldn't have any inputs other than the reason I selected them were issues raised on this forum.

Primary factors in considering purchase:

1) Great people to deal with

2) Price more affordable than Scotts

3) Lifetime warranty and free upgrade/rebuild policy, i.e. if something breaks or it needs a rebuild GPR will do it for free. It's been rumored Scotts charges for these things but I can't verify.

4) They'll do a one off build of the mounting brackets if you send them your triple clamp if it isn't something they stock.

Would buy another one from GPR www.gpr-products.com, based on customer service alone, eveerything else is upside.


I have a Scotts om my KTM and A GPR on my Yamaha. While the Scotts is more adjustable, most people won't. I really can't tell the difference between the two when I'm riding. The GPR is cheaper and has a better warranty. Buy the GPR.

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