93 XR650L 200.00 bucks

Friday, I bought a 93 XR650L for 200.00 bucks. Missing the front wheel, pretty hammered lookin, needs all the body parts and a wiring harness and the handlebar control switches. I know ssounds like alot. BUT! the good news is this, the kid that had it just spent 653.00 smackers back in 2001 for a new head valves and piston and rings. Had the receipt to prove the purchase and the head was notably cleaner - newere looking than the jug. I got it home pulled it down to and started an inspeciton and cleanup. They cut the wire harness - (why do people do that?) and bypassed the ignition switch with a toggle - which also was cut. he saifd they had to wiggle the ignition switch to make it run. Wonders never cease.... The plug I pulled out was clean and indicated just what the carb told me, (original jets) it was running lean, white center electrode. Engine turns over, valves move, he said it was running good after the rebuild just had "wiring problems" yea ya think????? I asked the reason for the top end job, it dropped a valve seat....hmmmmm. By all indication the engine should run, the carb was even clean! and no goo around the tip of the OEM exhaust, no oil burning. Had an oil leak on the front downtube of the frame that I think emanates from the drain plug as the sealing copper washer looks really crushed and it was covered in oil caked crud to get to the drain plug. Foot pegs are some ones idea of trying to improvise and make thier own IMS pegs, they gotta go. But all in all I think I can bring her back to life, just needs an extensive period of hospitalization at Dave's XL's only. I can't help it - when I find one like this I feel I have to save it.....

Sounds as if you found yourself a deal. Did it come with a title?

You are doing the Lords work my friend...

Yup got a title and Bill of sale too.

Wow you scored big time.

I think that the valve seats come loose due to overheating. That would go with the stock jetting.

How many miles on her? I would try and get her going as is and only tear her down if there are issues.

speedo showed 3, 215 miles, but they had long ago disconnected it, so hard to tell what was on it in actuality, In a fit of rage over it not wanting to start, (said the ignition key had to be wiggled all the time to get juice) they cut all of the wiring harness connections for the left and right handlebar switches and the ignition. Luckily I was able to scoop up a harness from an 2003 model and will install that! then it is body parts, and a front wheel and zoom -zoom -zoom.

thats a perfect ebay score, id sell that engine for 3 times what you paid and everything else to boot. Take the $1k and put it in your other bikes. But thats just me, i wouldnt mess with a headache like that myself id just make it an investment purchase.

Yea I her ya Denn, but it is this thing I have, wana save it....

well then youll enjoy the garage time im sure LOL hopefully you dont get stuck living in there HEHE

well I got a heater and I like my bikes alot....but I do have to return to the house now and then - but once I get my bathrroom installed and a better heat system ... yea I could live there LOL.

Actually I was thinking last night while tinkering - if I had all of the parts on hand, I bet I could have it going in 2 days. 2 FULL work days.

Well now, looks like you have a goal!

yea.... IF I could find afront wheel or a set of wheels that don't cost an arm and a leg....

Thats a tough find there...

Let's see what a $20 XR650L looks like!

Post some "before" pics.

yea.... IF I could find afront wheel or a set of wheels that don't cost an arm and a leg....

It seems like quite a few other people are interested in buying XRL front wheels....both have about a day left....who knows what they'll go up to



Looks like someone did a USD conversion on that second link.

I ended up paying $$$ for wheels, but such is life, the rear probably could of gotten by - but had a bent spoke and one broken one and a dent in the rim, front wheel was completely missing. I have probably dumped 600-800 in it already for tank, seat, side covers, wiring harness, ignition switch, controllers left and right and start switch, turn signals, speedo cluster. I have a new chain for it and some sprockets. All that is left is new skins, probably 606's. All tolled though with all parts on hand, maybe 1K invested. IF I sold it - I wold think I could probably get 1500-2000 fo it. I will post some before (fugly) and after pics (gonna be purdy). How do you post pictures?

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