What gives

Sometimes i'll put a post reply in and it dissappeares, do the moderators not like them or something?? if this is the case can we be emailed or somthing to let us know what the problem was??

From my experience the moderators will not delete your post without sending you a PM to explain why. If you leave the preview box checked, make sure you hit the continue button twice. Then, a message should come back saying that they are taking you back. Maybe, you forget to hit the second continue. :)

If your post was totally off-topic or offensive , then you would be PM'ed by a Moderator as to why the post was changed/removed.

Make sure your post actually got posted...

Does the number of posts attributed to you increment by one when you have posted a topic? if not, then you may not be doing the preview-post-continue shuffle correctly...

If it was a For Sale post in a bike forum, then it will have been moved to the proper For Sale forums...


Thanks guys, i'll try to keep a closer eye on what i am doing.

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