wr 450 2007 aftermarket exhaust?

i am a weekend warrior, i want to buy the best pipe for my motorcycle, i donot know wich is better white brothers carbon pro or fmf carbon.

thank you


Are you Looking for more power? Go to the WR section in the Make/Model Specific Forums

yes , i am looking for more power,

Go with the Dr. D Aluminum/Stainless combo. You wont be disappointed.

the dr.d seams to be the best for a wr or yz . they offer all sorts of variants with carbon fiber titanium and aluminum

I just had a White Bros. XCR exhaust installed on my 2007 WR450 and I rode it this weekend in horrible desert conditions. It was actually a race and the spark arrestor was in. It was awesome and added 3 ft pds. of torque and approx. 2.7hp to the bike (this was on a dyno). I felt the difference and was impressed with what was added. I'm sure you would not be sorry if you purchased (around $270.00) this awesome exhaust pipe.

Good Luck

IMHO you'd be better off with a steel / ally combo as suggested.

I've had carbon end cans that have started to degrade badly around the rivets and that was only my roadbike! Eventually had to junk it and go with aluminium.

I run an ally GYTR on my '05 450.

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