Need help identifing a part!!!

I have a 2006 yamaha yz450fv and I need that gear that is located behind the clutch basket. Its the gear that is to the right hand side and just below the shaft that the clutch basket fits on. The service manual book calls this gear the "oil pump drive gear". When I looked that part up online at a part store it called it a " gear,oil pump idle" is this the same gear?........Mine is broke or I should say hairline cracked across the top part and I need another one. When I was putting the clutch basket on it didnt mesh with this gear so when I torqued the nut that holds the basket on I heard a poping sound and I guess this is what i heard " the sound of this gear cracking"

Well!!! according to the parts number it is #9.....>#11 is the plate washer. I looked up the oil pump did you? The gear that is broke is the gear that turns the small gear on the oil pump assembly.

2S2-13341-00-00 OIL PUMP IDLER Gear

Yea!!! That is the one that broke!

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