Look at my plug

Well, here's the plug from my 650L. Its a DPR8EA. The plug has thick black carbon(?) and the tip is a lil white-ish. I am running uncorked, Supertrapp muffler, twin air filter, 160/60 jetting. How does this plug look? It seems to me that it shows signs of being too rich and too lean. Or, is this just right? I am not having any running issues, I'm just curious. Let me know guys:applause: I am using CFN/Petit gas.



personal opinion is that you are rich, but not to horrible as for the clean spot on the electrode is where carbon got blown off. just my .02:ride:

That isnt bad. Are you having issues?

Modern fuels and the additives can make plug reading confusing.

Looks very typical for your motor and jetting.

Try a different gas brand. I like Mobil and Chevron.

Like others have said, it looks a little rich, but not too bad. I like to run a little on the rich side as it helps the engine run a bit cooler.

The tan color that we used to shoot for doesn't really happen any more with the gas that we have today. If you are lucky it will be a slightly tan colored grayish color. Makes reading plugs a lot harder than it used to be.

Looks good to me

don't want to lean it too much if you do

but if you really want it perfect try different jetting and fuel and air mixtures

try to get the plug coco brown

but that is if you want it perfect

Something you might try is looking at the color of the ceramic further down in the plug body. I've heard some people argue that you have to cut sparkplugs open to get an accurate reading. I'm not suggesting you destroy one, just take a look if you can.

I agree just a wee bit rich and that's ok. Maybe back off your pilot to a 55? how many turns out on the fuel air screw are you? Out is rich and in is lean - so I have been told. Normal is about 2 1/4 for an uncorked bike.

or 58 pilot, my first thought was not alot of WA state is sea level and a 60 pilot seems a bit rich unless you got a modded motor with more cc's. Where in WA are you and what elevation.

there are little balls which is sign of detonation or lean mixture.

ya know I meant a 58 pilot- that is what I am running and I live in Washington state at sea level

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