replacing the 08 exhaust

I take that back, it does not look like the akrapovic. I wonder if muzzy is still doing yamahas pipes for them or if it's someone else now.

The Two Brothers complete exhaust for the 08 YZ450F rocks! I got a full Ti system off ebay for 365.00 shipping included because Two bros. is not going to offer the Ti system anymore. A full 7.1 HP increase @ 5600 rpm. Here's the Dyno Sheet.

click on dyno to see results....

I ordered the Two Brothers Stainless/Aluminum slip-on for my 2008 yz450f. I became sick of the unresponsive, doggish power that my stock bike made. I was taking turns in the same gear as I was on a 2007 yz250, and using the clutch just as much. If you like burning clutches, get a 2-stroke. It also bogged a bit despite fuel screw adjustments (no, i didn't touch the accelerator pump or jetting, so it could've been those too).

Upon first ride i was blown away how the new pipe changed my bike's power. It was much much crisper, and was actually rideable in the low end! I could tell a huge difference in throttle response. I will never ride my bike with the stock muffler again, and i hope that nobody else must do the same.

Buy this pipe, or any one, for that matter. You will be welcomed by a brand new motor that can actually be ridden like a 450 should be. If you like burning clutches, get a 2-stroke... it will be much lighter.:lol:

u could even go with an fmf powercore slip on which u can find for under 300 and get a stainless powerbomb for 180...theres a full fmf system for under 500 bucks

I purchased a brand new stock 06 header/muffler for $100, it was a take off from my local shop. This was the best hundred dollars I've spent on my 09.

The 08 header is already Ti and came stock with a larger diameter hi-flow design to try and compensate for their restrictive silencer. I bet by just adding a new silencer, you would gain 99% of what any new full system will accomplish.

I love my 08 stock exhaust, but I will be dissecting it soon to try and remove one or two of the internal cones. I want to keep that hot new “shorty” look.

I agree. You can save yourself alot of money buying a leading brand slip on. I left on the stock header, its huge opening and high flow works, and its made of titanium. I would feel bad if I did not get use out of that part. My 08 has a Yoshimura RS-2 stainless slip on, and it has enough power for me and I am a B class rider. As long as the exhaust is functional, I don't care if its not a shorty.

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