Torque Wrench anybody????

Where does everyone buy their torque wrench? I'm having a hard time finding one that will torque down to 7.2ft/lbs or any other specific torques that the bike calls for. I want to do the yz timing and the the torque is pretty specific. Also I'm kind of on a budget too! :)

A good torque wrench is easy to find. You can find a good quality 3/8 drive that will do most of what you need to do at any auto parts store or Lowes or Home Depo. I think the only time I use my 1/2 wrench is when torqueing the steering stem nut.

Torqueing the camshaft cap bolts that you are speaking of is out of range of most 3/8 wrenches. If yoy get a 3/8 that does go down that small, it will most likely not have a high enough range for other applications. A 3/8 wrench usually won't fit into the small space there anyway. I use a 1/4 torque wrench. Most of the ones you find will be much more expensive than the 3/8 drives. My advice is to search ebay and buy a good used one. They go for cheap because not many people need a torque wrench that small.


Get yourself a 3/8" drive inch pound torque wrench. These type offer peak needles to check the torque value in hard to reach places. They offer very low settings and some models will go up to 288 or 20ft-lbs or more.

Guess I don't have to tell you to divide X 12 for foot pounds. :)

I buy All my Torque Wrenches from Sears. The Craftsman line is relitively inexpensive, and they make a wrench for every application needed to maintain the WR or YZ. I just got all three of mine back from calibration...$35.00

Bonzai :)

Also check out harbor freight.. Got two torque wrenches from them for the price of one at another store. Also many, many more tools to look at. Just picked up a mig welder for under $300, not the cheapy either. Spending too much money in there. They put a new store in my driving range :)

Snap-On 1/4" drive for the stuff in inch pounds and a 3/8" drive for the stuff in foot pounds. Considering I'll have my tools for the rest of my lfe, Snap-On is not that expensive. Nothing but the best for my baby :)



SNAP ON in OZ costs a fortune one spanner for example may cost you $ 30.00, and then you loose it :):D

You can get some good deals on eBay (US site) on Snap-on Tools if you are in OZ... Just don't bid against me... :) I have a VERY nice collection, my grandson will still be using these tools when I am taking the dirt nap... I have been stung only once, but should have recourse through the credit card company. Also, front the guy in the Snap-on truck, and ask for a discount... they have room to discount, better to make a sale and make $100 profit on $1,000 of tools than to make no sale... Just don't take a catalogue home, it becomes more addictive than the Victoria's Secret catalogue... LOL :D

There is nothing like using quality tools - though you can get a very nice Warren & Brown Torque Wrench in Australia (model 320500) you can get two adaptors for it, 1/4 and 3/8" heads - I have this one, it is a very nice unit...



Thanks everyone for the inputs. Shouldn't have a problem finding one now!! :)

I have that same tourque wrench, had it for years, i origionally bought it for auto trans services.

Thanks to you :)

After reading the torque wrench memos, I realised that it would be good to have one. I used to fixe up my bikes at home for years without one. But after my 1st oil change, and fiddling with small bolts in expensive magnesium casing. I saw the light :D.


I use Sears Craftsman like Yamakaze, but I would get the 3/8 drive inch-pound wrench and just multiply the book values by 12. The reason is the amount of error in a wrench is a percentage of its full scale. Because our torque values are usually very low it will give you a more accurate torque on the small stuff. But you will probably have to buy two wrenches to do the few big torque items we have. So for the big stuff a 1/2 inch drive 0 to 150 ft-lb wrench would be in order. (But if you try to torque less than 10 ft-lb on a 0 to 150 ft-lb wrench you are wasting your time).

I couldn't fit a 3\8" torque wrench between the frame and the cam bearing caps. You nead a 1\4" for the small stuff. Try Ebay. They have one coming up on Oct.24 for $32.95.

Shawn :)

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