How to check jet needle position-XR650R?

I picked up a 2000 Xr650r a few months ago. I am going over the jetting setup. I have the carb off the bike. Is there a way of verifying the needle is in the 3rd position without taking apart the top of the carb? Looking in from the top, the top of the needle appears flush with the bracket.

The reason I'm checking the carb setup is that the bike does not run smoothly in first or second gear at a constant speed. It either wants to accelerate or engine brake. I often pull in the clutch in these situations to get more smoothness.

The bike is uncorked. I found a 70s pilot and a 175 main in it. My altitude is 500 ft.


Well, your not going to like to hear it, but the only way to check the needle position is to take the slide out to see what position the clip is in.

There might be another way, like checking how far the needle sticks out the bottom of the carb w/ the main jet off, but theres no real for sure way to check w/o taking the slide out.

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