Anyone have a stock rear brake rotor for sale?

Looking for stock rear brake rotor in very good condition. Must fit '01 WR426F. If you have the rotor, I have the cash. Would be willing to trade for my ProCircuit T-4 complete pipe system [in very good condition] and some cash. Please respond by post or private email to: Thanks.

[ April 13, 2002: Message edited by: tmgolden ]

sorry I don't have one but I was wondering why

you were looking for one ? I just replaced the rear tire on my 99 WR 400 and when reinstalling

the wheel I noticed I had a slight warp in the

rear rotor. Its not enough to stop the wheel or even slow it up much. It does rub on the in brake pad and does make the caliper move a little.

Should I replace mine too or is there any way to straighten it.

I actually just came into a set of excel rims that have everything I need except a rear break rotor. As for straightening, any good automotive machine shop should be able to staighten it out for you. When I used to road race and wasw crashing [a lot!]; invariably I would bend a rotor every once in a while. Each time, the shop was able to fix for $25 or less. If your rotor is only out by less that a few tenths of a millimeter, it may not be worth the hassle. Its really up to you. If you notice it and it bothers you - have it fixed.

go to rockymountain atv at the following site. They have a new brand called Titax. Front and rear rotors for 50 bucks a piece. Check them out. Or will buy one and trade you for your exhaust

let me know if that is what youwant to do. Always wanted a T-4

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