08 pipe....

Alright so I bought the WB Aluminum Pro and I honestly dont like it. It woke the bike up a little....but my lap times went down. This pipe rubbed my powerband in all the wrong places. And It came with that low header so I couldnt touch my oil filter. Honestly I like my stock pipe a little better because it is easier to ride with....

O and most of all....I know how to jet a 4 stroke, and this pi

pe wouldnt run for crap on my bike. Backfire pop backfire....

I honestly want to sell this pipe .....get a DR.D. Or a pipe that is cool that ALLOWS you to get to the oil filter..... so what you think I should strive to get the DR.D?

DRD was my first choice. and i can access the oil filter w/o removing or loosening the header.

I put a WB aluminum pro on my 07 yz450 and I like it alot. gave my bike way more power, way more. Granted I have an 07 and you have an 08 I would think that the WB aluminum pro would rip on your bike, especialy considering the stock 08 pipe. The 07 came with a corked up exhaust system the WB uncorked it for me. try adjusting your Pilot circuit, helped me alot with reducing the popping. You may need to rejet your bike. I was told that all you had to do on the 08 was replace the main jet with a 162, the WB installation recomendation for the 08.

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