06 Xr650l

I grew up on XRs had 3 or 4 of them before I was 18. now that Im 37 I just bought an 06 L bone stock with 300 miles on it. My 1st ride impression was dissapointment. I seem to remember more power, torque and snap when I was a kid........ Maybe the L is just heavier than the XRs of my youth or maybe its just thing always seem better when you look back at them. Anyway, I just ordered an edelbrock carb, desmog kit, unifilter and suppertrap exhaust. Maybe I can make it more like I remember.....................


Our "L"s aren't known for being super fast but "snap" shouldn't be a problem and I certainly wouldn't consider mine to be underpowered. Can you pull a wheelie in first with no tug on the bars? If not, there may be something wrong. Also, be sure to do a search on uncorking your bike and "Dave's mods".:busted:

Thanks for the resonse, it will pull the front end up in 1st, but I have to try. I thought about the Daves Mod, decided to just go with the edlebrock, Im not a carb guy so a dont want to mess re-jetting and drilling. I think maybe I was just hoping for more out the gate. runs great otherwise.

if your not doing alot of highway miles then you shoul look into changing gearing also, droping 1 front tooth and adding to rear +2/3 will make it a whole different beast SPECIALLY after you install that stuff you have on order. Im willing to bet youll feel twice the power and remember the old school xrs. Popular L gearing is about 14/48 and if you do plan a longer road trip you can just put stock 15 front back on and be good to go.

Nice score Congrats and WELCOME TO TT and the XRs section, some cool guys here

I don't know about the Edelbrock carb, heard good things about em though performance wise. The uncorking process really does not make much more power- maybe a little, but it is the drivabaility and feel that changes, cold bloodedness is gone and throttle response is vastly improved and the engine runs cooler as it is not so darn lean, as they come stock from the factory. The engine just gets happy, and so does the owner.

It will run MUCH better with those mods you are going to do. Also take Denns suggestion . Gear it lower. I run 15/48 on my 05 L. Its good for hiway speeds and good offroad.

I will look into the gearing after I get the rest of the mods done, bought the bike to be a cheaper commuter than mt truck, at least that how I sold my wife on it. Really I think I will have more fun chasing my boys around trails on it that the 4 wheeler. once i lighten her up and put some better tires on.

Thanks to all for the welcome, I have been looking around and found a ton of great knowlege here.

I was really disappointed in my '06 XRL when I bought it. The bike was so lean, it actually shutdown on me once and wouldn't restart until it cooled down before I did similar mods to what you have planned. That vaccum slide carb is a turd, you'll be much happier with the Edelbrock.

Well, all you really need to do is standard uncork, new pipe and rejet. I have never seen or felt a need for a new carb after dialing in the stock one. After you hit about 45hp, anything more gonna start throwin away a lot of money.

Just remember, as power increases - mpg decreases, so if you bought it to commute think twice.

Although I have the Dave mods & an E-2 muffler & it is definatly a different animal now, I went from 80 miles per tank to about 50

I also had a XR80, XR250, and XR600L back in the day, and I was also really surprised by the lack of zip in my 2007 XR650L. I got it the last week of October, only got about 70 miles on it before the snow came. I've put 2" Rox Risers on it, now trying to come up with a game plan to have her ready for when the snow is gone. I've never really messed with carbs, count me as a weenie but the Dave's Mod thing scares me off a bit. I do need to find a reasonable cost combo of carb/filter/exhaust items and start collecting the parts and courage, then give it a rip. That or copy to a tee what one of the bretheren here has done for a Wisconsin climate, 800' above sea level bike. :busted:

There are morethan enough here that are more than willing to help.

Some us would prob. walk you through it on the phone!

May I ask what scares you about the "Dave's Mods"? As far as I know you'd just be getting your jetting to where it ought to be if not for the smog nazis:prof:

I found a XR650R model carb on E bay for 80$ some mods to L model cables but it went on,

and it's all that.


Daves mods are really very simple if you just commit and do it... You'd be surprised how smooth things go..

And going from 80 miles on a tank to 50...???/

My 07's got daves mods, Q2, airbox cut, and i still get 80 w/o hitting Reserve.. Sure your not running a little too rich???

Cobalt650 How far up north are you, I am in the process of buying a business in WI near Racine.

aglkg-I live in Waunakee, 3 miles Northwest of Madison, WI. I'm just so flippin' happy to have a bike again, that I want to make sure I do things the right way. My plan is to keep this bike for the very long run, thump around on it 15 years from now. Unless they come out with an updated version by then:):busted:

Ha Cobalt

I did the crud run in your hood it's a good time, nice roads.

We rode the old school cafe racers I build. Were you there?

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