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Taff, I FINALLY took the leap of faith!!

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I f*ing FINALLY jumped on your jetting bandwagon. My major issue has been time, and just "doing it",


a matter of disbelieving you, Pal! :)

I ordered from Sudco:

160 & 162 MJ

160 MAJ

35 (38?) PJ

EMM out of stock

PAJ screw (from last year's order)

I do have my EMN as well as an FHP, EKP, DVP, DTM and ???

I checked Eric Gorr's websight to send off my cylinder for the 420 kit. Eric states a MINIMUM of 4-6 week turnaround due to getting hit hard w/ work.

I HAVE to have the bike ready to rock by June 7. I am in a two day Turkey Run at New Hampshire's Bike Week!!!

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you can run that EMN needle. that's fine. the EKP i had had a mild stumble off tickover and the EMM felt almost overjuiced. but only for the first yard. so as long as you don't get a stumble within a yard of moving you'll be fine.

you'll need a 158MJ or even a 155.

158/155MJ(155/c5. 158/c4)

EMN c4/5



PS 1.5 turns

i don't think the needle straight effects your PJ, JD does. we'll find out.


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