'04 YZ450 4 gear ratio vs '07/'08 YZ450 5 gear ratio questions and need help!

Ok i currently have an '04 YZ450 that has the 4 gear ratio in it. I am wondering if the newer model 450's are easier to ride on tight trails because of the 5 gear ratio? I was told by one person that the years in '03 and '04 when they made the YZ450's with the 4 gear ratios they were insanely powerful and hard to ride in the woods? Which mine is about impossible to ride in any kind of tight woods riding. I love the power of it and the get up and go in the open stuff but in the tight woods stuff i may as well be getting off and just pushing it as i can't ride it. My question is are the newer models easier to ride in tight woods stuff or would i be better off just looking at the WR450? Only problem i've read about the WR's is it sounds like u have to do a whole lot of work to them, removing stuff to make them run good and add a bunch of stuff to them? I just dont wanna go drop $7,000 on a new bike and be upset because i made the wrong choice. :busted:

The low gear in the 5 speed 450's is not very different from the low gear in the 4 speed models. The engine control systems are are much more sophisticated in the newer bikes, though, which makes the engines more controllable at low speeds.

The extra gear gives the bike a little more top speed, and a little closer gear ratio spacing, but doesn't change a lot else.

I Have 04 YZ 450.You must be talking some really tite stuff as We have some tight & technical single track here in Western Washington.I have stalled it occasionally,but were talking roots,rocks mud & ruts and some real tight switchbacks.I don't seem have that much trouble.I installed a Off Road GYT-R FWW and went up one tooth in the rear.That really helped allot.Now i have a Recluse clutch to install and should be the ticket.I love the power of my 450 ,wouldn't trade it for nothing.:busted:

yeh, when i say tight, i'm talking like have to go between the trees perfect or will hit my handle bars on the trees, and always hitting rocks, roots, and mud as well. So i dunno what to do as far as a new bike? I've also heard some great things about the KTM 300XC over on ktmtalk.com saying those bikes are pretty good as well. I'm just scared if i get a wide ratio geared bike with-out that "hit" i'm gonna be disappointed.

I have a 05, 06 and 08 yz450 that I ride off road. They are all good if they are set up for the woods. 3 mods are a must. 1. heavy flywheel. 2. 2 more teeth in the rear3. The drill the lever mod. The 5 speed on the 06 and 08 is not a big pro or con. The 06 is the fastest, the 05 turns the best and the 08 is the easiest to ride.

Got started on 04 YZ450 then 07 YZ450 now 08 YZ450. All had 52t rear. The 04 was bone stock and had a harder hit in power but was very rideable. The 07 full pipe and fly wheel was great, havent been on the 08 yet. I wanted to use the 04 cams and cdi on the 07 but never got around to it. I am having 2nd thoughts on the 08 and havent even been on it yet.

The 04 would start with 3 kicks or it was out of gas. The 07 sometimes was 20 then rest and kick some more.


Wow that is tite.Most of ours is not quite that tite.But we have some steep narly stuff as well. That would be double diamond here.The most difficult.Gear it down some and get a fww and consider an auto clutch.Oh ya send your carb to zipty and the mod may solve some carb related stalling also :busted:

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