A group of us including LarryCO and Blackie from the Thumper Talk gang have met here in Moab for some very cool riding. Check out the pics from 1:00 PM this afternoon at this link:


I guess the link doesn't work without a www before, so let's try this out Moab Pics

OK. Last attempt to get the URL right. Click here to go straight to the pics! MOAB PICS

Sorry about the confusion. Just trying to land ya'll on the right page!

Nice pics, all the bikes look nice and clean :)

The trail that we did today included Sevenmile Rim, Monitor and Merrimac, Wipe Out Hill, then around Tusher Canyon and finally stopping by the dinosaur tracks on the Klondike Bluffs trail.

Great weather and plenty of fun! Wish everyone could be here.


[ April 13, 2002: Message edited by: blackie ]

Great pictures!!! My dad and a group of guys are up their this weekend too. If you see a guy with a WR and a Blue Chevy crew cab 4x say hi to him.



Will do. We will be out and about in town today and some more riding later when it warms up some.


Im jealous

I need to move to a new state

I just added some more pics from the Behind the Rocks area today. I still have to say that the Behind the Rocks area is definately the most fun. There is a little bit of everything to bike on and hardly anybody goes there. I had the whole dunes all to myself. What a blast!

Dang your bike still looks clean,what do you do wipe it down before each photo :D . Looks like some ideal dirt for being a dunes. No wonder everybody wants to go to Moab, it has everthing :)

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