rmz out and yzf in.

i'm not waiting any longer for a suzuki 450. going blue instead. so at about 163lbs plus gear how should the yz suspension suit my weight. i'll prob end up with about 35-40mm free sag. is this still in the ball park as i'm hearing that the 25mm setting isn't the best on the new 4 strokes.

how do the yam's go in terms of valve life and adjustment if good maintenance is followed???

Valve adjustment?

I remember something about that.

No, I've owned 3 YZ450's since 2004, and I've never done one. :busted:

Your springs will be a bit stiff for you, but not much. Race Tech calls for .45 and 5.84 on the rear, while stock is .47 and 5.9.

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