04 or 07 wr450

im in the process of buying a wr450, i am trying to get a leftover 07. but my friend has a buddy that is selling his 04 for 2500. the 07 would run about 6500. this would be my first big dirtbike. I have been surfing up info on the 07 line up and decided that the wr is the way to go. but im not sure if i should spend the extra 4k? I do want to get some 17 inch rims and run motard for shts and giggles. maby hit the track. but i really havent searched too much about the 04. i know the frame is different and some little stuff. but are they 2 totally diff bikes? is it worth the extra cash? i will be beating on it might be nice not to get someone elses headach. Help me out here what should i do? the bike fever has started early this year.

WR's are great machines, if you can afford the '07 it's a no brainer. I prefer to pay for the piece of mind that I'm not getting someones else's headache. You should be able to do better on th OTD price. Good luck.

Having both I can tell you that they are both great bikes...

The 07' FEELS lighter, actually weighs the same but the C of G is lower.... I feel the power curve is different, the 04' hits a little harder off the bottom and the 07' pulls better in the mid (just my opinion).

2500 is a good price for an 04', I sold mine last summer for $4200 :busted:

I agree about buying a used bike... when in doubt go new:ride:

For a left over 07 you should be paying under 6k, more like $5500. $6500 should get you a new 08 wr450. Those prices are OTD, taxes, licence, ect... included. Shop around, the 07 is overpriced. It pays off to shop around, I saved $1000 last year by driving 30 miles away to a different dealer. About deciding between the 04 and the 07, it depends on lots of factors. How serious are you about getting into the sport? do you plan to keep the same bike for a long time? is money ($4k) an issue for you? Think about it carefully, and shop around for a better price on the 07. Either way, you can't go wrong with either bike(assuming the 04 is in good shape).

I can't comment on which one to get. My last bike was a 98 YZ400F, I bought a new 07 about 2 months ago for $4999. I know I got an extremely good deal but, I know for sure you can still find new 07's for far less than you quoted. I never rode an 04 but, I can tell you once you un-cork the 07 you will love it.

I was leaning to new because i dont plan on selling the bike or replacing it, ive been riding streetbikes for about 6 yrs now, i have renthal bars on my 919, and have gone up mountians w/ the 250's many times. just didnt have the money to get dirtbike, and really still dont. but i do plan on getting the bike street legal and going motard around town. im obcessed with drifting bikes, but am little too scared to skip my 919 down the road. figuring the lighter wr will give me more control/confidence. and hit the mountians on weekends. but the 04 just fell into my lap, the cheaper the better ofcourse. since tard rims/wheels cost about 2k. but i think im gona go new, just because i dont feel like buying a beat up bike, where ill end up putting more cash into it later. id rather not have a bike rather a broken one. Ill still look at the 04 though, cant hurt. as for the dealers around here, there is 4 within 50 miles 1 doesnt have any leftovers and would get me the 08 for 6900, the other three have leftovers but they all owned by the same asses that sold me my street bike. and they want 6400 for the 07. they are fishy too. i got my honda 919 as a leftover and they tried to add hidden fees(700) and dented the tank. so i had to bring the bike to the other sister shop for tank swap. i got the fees taken off and scammed them back into giving me the dented tank along with the new one(told the sister shop thats what the salesperson told me). so i wish i could get an 07 for 5500. that would be very affordable. ill search further though, send some emails. but in the end, im getting a wr450. too excited. fck the bills im riding bikes.

P.S. sorry i tend to ramble sometimes

4999 boy do i wish i live in cali

Yeah, unless there's a lot stronger demand in NH now or the next month or two, your local dealers are out of line with the rest of the world on '07's. Dealers will list leftover new bikes on eBay, check that out. I'd start making calls towards NY state or something. Also, check out the Yammy finance incentives on new bikes, they like to make it easy to own...good luck!

Also make sure your mso from the dealer does not say "Off highway use only". Here in Florida it's nearly impossible to get one tagged with that on the title.

thanks for the info kevin,

i do want to put the bike on the road too. this is the bike state, but i dont think they would let me do that with the title saying that. although i did get my honda 50 with a 108 kit regestered as a moped. lol

so i emailed every dealer in 80 miles. i found another leftover (white 1) and they want 6895 for it. another dealership suggested a leftover yz for 5600, neither price has been bargianed yet. but im now leaning toward the yz. i bet i could get the yz down to 5k. i wont be able to come close to that price for the wr. and money is a big issue. im still thinking about the 2500 04. i could always get a new bike next year, and sell the 04 if i dont like it. but i hate buying used. scares me, i have many stories about my vehicles i wont tell to anyone im selling too. lol but everyone has those stories. but to get back on subject. what do you guys think of a yz tranny for trails and motard? i like the yz speed forks. and can always spend the extra 1300+ i save for baja kit.

also NH is easier to get a bike street legal. but is a yz a "track only" type bike? Has anyone gotten one street legal?

rabbityracer, That (E-bay) is exactly where I found the deal I got. I thought it was a typo or a mis-represented WR250. I called then to make sure it was legit and I jumped on it.


The dealer I got my bike at was not in California, they are in Ohio. Sorry they don't have any more, the friend of mine that shipped it to me, asked if they had another for the same price (he wanted to buy one too). Keep an eye on E-bay and see what happens. I don't think you will be able to get the YZ plated, you do plan to ride on the street too, correct? Shop around and don't limit your shopping to local dealers. I bet if you drive a little you can save over $1000, that will buy a lot of gas. Pick up a Cycle Trader (or look at cycletrader.com) they will have deals on there.

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