New Seat , which is best?

Been looking at the new seats on the market for a stock WR426 - Moose,SDG etc. Of complete seats which ones are best for grip etc? Also, do they make a lower sitting seat if you are a little vertically challenged for this bike at 5'9"? So which seats are you guys using with the stock tank and which do you like best? Thanks, Mark

I am 5'9" as well. I just added the YZ SDG seat and the IMS 2.4 gal tank. NO problems with the reach and the seat is quality. The ergos are much better as well. You should go for the set.

I have a Clark 3.2 tank and a yz seat with FX Gripper seat cover and soft standard height foam for sale. Both an excellent shape. e- mail me if interested. And a lot of other parts available . I removed them off my 99

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