650r too big?

Im thinking of finding a 650r. Alot of people say they are heavy. My DR350 is 280 dry. Has 30hp stock. I can ride it NP in the tight trails. And the seat height is a little bigger than the 650's. Am I going to have problems with this bike? Im 5'7" and 160 pounds.

The 650r has a dry weight of 277 lbs, so it is lighter than your dr, i think it puts out around 50 hp uncorked. But it can be a pig in the woods, once you get used to it, youll love it. Never ridden a dr 350, but the xrr will blow your mind at its power especially when you mod it out. Go for it!!

Not too big if you can ride it (it can be a handful or two) I'm 5'8" and it was a blast but it is not a tight woods, idle alot kind of bike. If I lived near a desert I would still have mine. Holeshots galore but, a real pain in the super tight going we encounter around here.

No problem get the 650r and have fun. I had the DR 350(electric start) compared to the XR it was a solid POS. We're the same height but I got a few pounds on ya.

I love the XRR b/c you can ride it on the roads everyday at break-neck speeds and then pull onto the dirt and TEAR IT UP!!!

Not to boast, but I can ride a mountain bike VERY aggressively in TIGHT single-track...and when I was in good shape, I could run w/ the semi-pro racers in the tight woods no problem...

The XRR is a heavy bike and will tire you out, but you can slam this thing through the woods pretty freakin fast. You have to ride it like a controlled train wreck and use the rear brake to steer it through turns....oh, and you need to use tons of clutch work to modulate the power in the woods.

The great part is that you dont have to ride this thing like a maniac...you can lug it around pretty fast with much less effort.

oh, im 5'9" ~180lbs of flabbyness

I love this bike! Its low maintenance and very aggressive...It tops out at 100+, roll-on wheelies @ 40mph... and you can ride it to the trials :busted:

First off, the XRR is a real motorcycle compared to the DR. Night and day difference in every respect. There isn't a thing the XRR doesn't do better than the DR.

Second, the XRR is tunable!Hundreds of aftermarket components to make the bike the way you like it, for your riding style and speed.

Thirdly, the XR's weight is not an issue, if it is set up for you. One of the reasons this bike is so popular is the amazingly agile nature at slow speeds. It doesn't feel heavy, until you stall it or drop it!

I have had a previous XRR set up for high-speed desert riding, which it does very well, but, it's pretty heavy for the rough stuff. I changed to a 450X for the really fast and rough stuff.

I ride mine on the street .

With Honda mods and pipe, HRC clutch,street bias rubber and 15/40 gearing she runs great out on the road and boy o boy can she wick it up in the tight stuff .

I should add that I'm 6'4" 230lbs and at times I'm not sure who's in control .

If I'm sitting back alittle to far she lets me know .And she's on like her 5 rear tire,its fun to stick the front end and power slide out of the tight stuff.

Maybe you should ask your doctor first .LOL

You really need to think in terms of your riding areas. You are big enough for the bike, but unless you have some wide open spaces to unleash it, you will never be able to appreciated the things it really does well. If you are going to ride tight trails and single track, it's certainly doable, but not the best choice. This bike likes to run and does not like a short leash and it is at those speeds where it really feels in it's element no matter what size you are.

It will be mainly a commuter street bike. With the weekend trips to the pit. I dualsported my DR and will never look back in that respect. I cant get enough of riding and saying "wonder where that goes?" and bailing off. Get the greatest looks. And i actually like getting pulled over on it, since its 100% legal. The DR has enough power for me most the time, but its those time when i hit the throttle stop and wish there was another 3/4 of a turn. I think the XR will fulfill that.

In the tight the DR350 is easier to handle because it is narrower and less powerful. When you are in trouble in single tracks the BRP gives you hard times, especially if you are not a big guy.

Viceversa it is a great bike, studied for the desert.

Seems like my wife on the DR350es is at a constant and always following. I've ridden the 350 hard and it is like a mini bike compared to the 650R or 600R or 650L. Don't get me wrong, in tight stuff with a good clutch, it is fun. Hammer fire roads and no comparison after 2 mph. The 350 is a good all around bike- it will get you there. Usually not the express ride, but always got to where it should be.

BTW- I run a K&N in the 350se and what a F&^C*@ BI$%H it is to clean or change!!!!!!

It depends on your riding ability. At your size it might wear you out on the tight stuff if you are not a competent rider.

I certainly noticed the additional weight when I first threw a leg over my XR650R. But that hasn't kept me from exploring the bike's limits and capabilities. In all, I'm impressed at how well it does.

Just don't fool yourself into thinking you can just man-handle the machine in tricky situations. On my 125 2-smoker I can get sloppy and save it with a bit of weight shift or muscle to put the bike where I need it. The 650R simply won't respond to your inputs to the same degree.

I pushed things too hard recently and my piggie let me know it with a tankslapping highside that tossed me a short distance.

They benefit from a well sorted suspension that's sprung and valved for your weight and riding style and a steering damper will settle any headshake.

But I'd also encourage you to go for it.

My DR was my first bike. I have a K&N also and if I knew whata #$%^ it was going to be to change, i would have never bought it.

LOL so true. That air box has no other way I can see to mod it other than finding a better airbox that fits!!!!:worthy::busted:

They are far from the best woods bike, but they aren't as bad as the weight & power specs would lead you to believe.

Weight-wise it might actually feel lighter than your DR, because of the lower center of gravity.

If you've got whiskey throttle the big 650 will wear you down, if you're smooth you'll be OK.

I have the XR650R and I love it.:busted: It can be big heavy pig in tight canyons and such but is well worth the enjoyment of the speed and power. I do a lot of desert riding and that is where the 650 excells. Guys can beat me in the tight stuff but as soon as I get a small space I stomp them....:worthy:

Videos were great. She can be a tempermental pig cant she?

Videos were great. She can be a tempermental pig cant she?

actually after the edelbrock and the suspension and stabalizer i really don't have much problems (except for that day i ran straight into a rock earlier that day just wasn't paying attention lol) i go anywhere my enduro buddies go the good thing is that on uphills and downhills it tracks so much straighter than smaller bikes and just chugs up the hills and never any problems

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