Grease nipples

I got my bike today , and I just notice that there are no grease nipples :D!

I'm sure some of you got tired of dismantling your swingarm and steering head every time you want to lub the bike.

Is there any info on the best locations and proper method to insert those grease "zerts" ?

It's hard to understand why the makers of such a fine bike didn't do it in the first place. Maintenance would be much easier. :)

Congrats on your new ride! I agree with you completely, a grease fitting would save a lot of hassle.

I saw some pictures once of Taffy’s bike with a grease fitting he installed on the swing arm. Try searching for that.

Good luck.

I was wandering the same thing for a long time. If you find something please post it!

10x tk421,

but $hit I can see only the one on the swing arm. are there others on the links?

I did this to my bike a few months ago and another gracious TT member (I cant remember who) sent me these great pictures in the mail so I posted them on my website.

I have not had time to link them to anything on my website but here is the links to the 3 pics

Zerk 1

Zerk 2

Zerk 3

I put all my zerks in these same locations and it works perfectly. I think this bike in the pics is a 426 but all the locations were great for my 400.

The only problem I have is when I pump new grease in it seems like it wants to push the bearing seals off.

Anyone else have this problem???

Not to mention you might want to put one in your steering head.

Zerk in steering head

:) oops!!!!! :D

guess i should have read the post before i acted.

gotta go clean off my nipples now. :D that grease was COLD!!! :D :D

:D :D

racer36 :D


Thanks sooo much, this saves me allot of time. I will be doing this to me 426 this winter (probably in a few weeks)

just booked marked it. Thanks for the write up...

I do have a question though

Do you think this could help that one guy with the bleeding nipples and nipple tape.

I figure if he implants a couple of these doodads, he wont need nipple tape anymore :)

Great info !

10x a lot !

No problem guys.


I guess I may not have read that. Sounds intresting though. Nipple tape on nipples?

I thought those little round band aids were bad enough.... :)

I just hate it when my wife uses Vicks Vaporub before bedtime... :) Seriously, Taffy was kind enough to answer my questions on his experience in doing this. Pretty smart guy...glad I'm not the only one who believes in lubrication without disassembly!


In looking at the pictures, do you just drill the holes and install the zerks?

Looks like there are different kinds/sizes of zerks (some are longer/shorter), does it matter which size we use for each location?

Your zerk1 picture shows a kit in the background on the right, what is that kit for and is it needed for this mod?


Good question.

Ignore the heli-coil kit. You do not need that. Just use a tap and die set to put your zerks in the aluminum. As for putting the zerks in the end of the linkage bolts (and drilling the holes in the middle of the bolts to let the grease escape) I had to have a buddy of mine that is a machineist do it. It wouldnt drill with a normal drill bit since it is case hardened steel.

I cant remember who sent me these pictures but this is not my bikes swingarm. These we the pics that were sent to me by another TT member. But my zerks are in the exact locations as these and it works great. There are little "channels" inside each place I drilled. Almost like it was designed for zerks to go in Yamaha just didnt put them in.

I think the smaller zerks are 6mm but Im not sure what the larger size ones are (in the swingarm). You definatly want to put a zerk with a elbow bend on it next to the chain slider (top) and bottom of opposite side as shown in pics.

Just double, and triple check everything before you do any drilling since you only get one shot.

That's great info. :) Thanks to you all for great stuff. I'll get my beast in the basement and do all kind of nice things to it. Thanks for sharing the knowledge :D

MOmilkman, those are my pics, glad you got them, I'm also happy you posted them on this thread I've had a lot of TTrs asking about them and since I can't post pics this makes it much easier for me. thanks mike

I drilled and installed a 6mm helicoil and then a zerk in the end of the linkage bolts, also drilled a hole through the bolt to supply grease to the brgs. A 6mm helicoil fits perfect in the end of the bolt, in the other linkage I just installed the zerks into the alum. Mike


Yes! Glad you replied. I couldnt remember who it was. I was racking my head that day trying to remember your name.

I see what your heli-coil kit is for now. I was thinking you put a heli-coil on every zerk. Now I realize you just done it to the linkage bolts. That makes more sense.

I had a buddy of mine do that part for me so I wouldnt screw it up.

Thanks for everything!

I would love to try the grease nipples (Thanks for the pics)but it looks like I could bust one off while riding. I ride alot of rocky stuff and it looks like one of the nipples are on the bottom facing down. Do you guys think that could happen?

Blue Dragon,

I ride in the gnarlyest (sp?) ledgerock around and I was wondering the same thing when I put that one in the dogbone. So far, to date, it is still in there and hasnt taken a hit.

Not to say it couldnt happen but if it does bust off, chase the rest out and fill the hole.

Thanks MOmilkman, I guess your right. If it does bust off just put a new one on :)

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