what years will fit?

ok im just going to buy another set of forks for my 2006 yz 450 and just get them lowerd and then keep them like that so im wondering what other yamaha front forks will work?

im finding some sets on ebay with the triple clamps and steering stem and the forks for some good prices but im just wonder would these just bolt up..

for example im finding a 99 - 2003 yz 125 /250 front end

2003 yz 250f front end

so what years would just bolt up.


they went to 48mm forks in 04, I don't know if the previous triple clamps will mount up so you could go back earlier??

I thought they went to the 48mm AOSS forks in 05. I would call a suspension company as forks from different years will require you to change break calipers as they had different front brake caliper mounts. If you could find an 06 set that would be easier.

In 2006 they went to the KYB SSS forks.

Here's the issue. If you get clamps from before 06, your front numberplate won't mount. You can rig up something, so it's not a huge deal. You will also have to grind the steering stops for them to turn right in the aluminum frame. If you get clamps for anything other than a 450, you will have to change the steering stem. Here's the history:

99-03 (and probably earlier): are all pretty much the same

04:forks were increased to 48mm and the tubes were anodized gold

05: clamps same as 04, but the forks went to twin chamber design, new fork guards used

06: new triple clamps that are wider than previously were used. To make up the difference at the wheel to keep the same wheel spacers, wider fork lugs were used. First year of the speed sensitive forks

07: pretty much the same as 06, slight changes to the forks

08: new fork guards and new front brake caliper mounts for the smaller caliper

So, if you are going to buy for another year, use the clamps from that year so that your wheel alignment will be right. I would say keep it simple and find some 06 or 07 forks. That way you can just bolt them on with your existing clamps.

thanks KJ that helped a lot :busted:

but now im just wondering if i can find a complet set of 05 yz 450 forks triple clamps and stem then it would bolt right on?

also my 07 yz 250 2 stroke forks just bolt on without any problems, but would the 05 and 06 yz 250 2 stroke forks just bolt on also..


Given that you don't need a front brake, any of the 48 mm KYB's will work, including all YZ/YZF forks from '04 on, and all WR forks from '05 on. Any fork in those years that was for a 125/250F will be about 10-12 mm shorter than the forks for the 250/450F models, because the steering heads on the smaller bikes were shorter.

If you use any fork earlier than '06 in your clamps, you will need to add 1 mm to the spacer on the left (brake) side of the wheel, or simple re-center the wheel you use for flat track, as the '06 and up clamps are 2 mm wider. The same axle can be used without any problems, and the only odd thing is that it will sit 2 mm deeper in the right axle lug than it normally would.

ok thanks,

also i forgot to add but would that be the same for the rear shock also. since they went to alum, frame i would think i would need to find a 06 or newer shock..

That, I'm not sure of, but earlier years may fit. Remember that you can just turn the ride height down on the rear, and springs are easy to change, so you may not need one at all.

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