Carb type and size on a '88 NX650

I am looking at getting a back-up carb for my '88 NX650 but can't seem to find the spec's showing what carb the bike came with. I found another carb off a '06 XR650L that I can get for a good price. Anyone know if they use the same carb?

Thanks in advance,


All I can find on the net, is that it LOOKS like the same carb. Ive seen some jet kits with the same part numbers too.

Call Mid west action cycle in lake Geneva WI.ask for French and ask him to check some #'s He's great help Tell him Richard Gans sent ya.

I'm sure they're many Honda singles w/same carbs .

I'd bet as long as they are the same( I believe it's 43mm) they will work .Maybe some cable isues .

Are they the same carb? I don't know. Will the XR650L carb work on the NX650? I'm sure that it will, but I can't say 100% that it is a simple drop in.

I would guesstimate it is the same carb, as the NX motor was used in the XR650L upon conception of the bike.

It looks like the NX650 uses a 41 MM Keihin and the XR650L uses a 42.5 Keihin. I'm not sure if the physical size for the boots would be the same? The last thing I want is to have to scamble looking for intake (filter side) and exhaust (head side) boots to make the other carb work. I might be better off just to simply mod the existing carb. Just would hate to mess it up since it runs well now. I'd like a little more midrange power, smoother acceleration and of course cooler running temps. I am planning on Dave's Mod from Does anyone have an NX650 and performed that mod? If so is there any problems I should be aware of before starting? I already have the jets, drill bit and washer. BTW I am planning on running the stock 2 pipe system. I'm not a big fan of loud bikes.

Thanks for all your help. Thumpertalk is the best!!


If you wanted to run the 42.5 carb, just buy and intake manifold boot for an XR650L.

Thanks for the info guys. I decided to skip the XR650L replacement carb. It would have been $175 shipped for a used carb. Still not a bad deal but for $250 I can get a new flatside for an XR600 at Xrsonly. For now I decided to try "Dave's Mod " on the stock carb. I've never removed the carb from a thumper like the NX. Is it that time consuming? Anything I should watch out for in the process?



Not sure about the Nx, but the L is very straight forward.

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