1989 and 1993 XR600 Chainring Swaps

I'm trying to order chain and sprocket kits from Rocky Mountain MC. My brother's '89 has stock 14-50 gearing, and my '93 is 14-50.

I'd like to run 15-50, so I can be a little taller in the Dez but gear down for the occasional trail ride. The cheapest way to do this is to buy a 14-50 sprocket kit, and then buy a 15t front. Their website won't let me mix and match.

So my question is this: do the rear sprockets (48 and 50) have the same bolt pattern for both years? Can I buy a "stock" 89 for my 93?


The bolt patterns are different and the central holes are different diameters. Not interchangeable at all.

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