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hey guys, i know this subject has been covered before but most of the posts i have read are quite a few years old. Anyways i am shopping for a good headpipe for my xr650r motor and would like some advice. I read through some old posts and found some brand called ABP or something but the site is in a language that is not english or spanish so thats not very helpful to me although they looked like a beautiful set of headers. I believe white brothers has discontinuted theirs and probably some other manufacturers so i would like to get your guys opinions. I have heard bad things about the big gun although i like their design much better then the pro-circuit due to the shorter headpipes. Let me know what you guys have tried, or better yet post websites of the prefered brand of pig pooters :busted:

also does anyone have a picture of the barnums 650r headpipe, and do they still make them for the xr650r?? i am looking for one that keeps the pipes inside the front frame rail like the big gun, thanks.

Let me know what you guys have tried, or better yet post websites of the prefered brand of pig pooters :ride:

Mmmmm... big pooters.

I loves me them full figured women too, but I think posting pr0n links is a code violation. :worthy:

I'm running a Yosh full system on my 600R, and I'm really happy with the performance. I assume they make something for the 650R, Yosh may not be as popular as some of the other brands, but my system is pretty well built and looks sturdy enough, fit really well, too. Might be worth a look.

Good luck. :busted:

XRs only stainless.

The quality of Pro Circuit is hard to beat. Besides if 1x runs them....



I was told by Barnums that they would not have any xrr exhaust systems for at least two months.


I like that front fender, did you paint it? If not, whered you get it, if so, with what?


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